WePresent-1000 (winner Office Products Award 2012)
The WiPG or WePresent-1000 is our most popular product to date.
It is a spectacular presentation tool that allows a group of up to 64 users, to take turns in wirelessly presenting from their Win/Mac computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

The WePresent can be connected to any TV, display or projector with HDMI or VGA connection, and can project up to full HD resolution!
When wired or wirelessly connected to your network, it support internet and presentation from all network computers.

It also supports Touchscreens and Interactive White Boards! Allowing the presentor to have full control over the projecting computer on the touchscreen, wirelessly!

Special features:
WiFi-Doc: Present files from your Android/Apple tablet or phone. Supports office documents (ppt, doc, xls), PDF, TXT and JPG files.
Sidepad: Remotely control the presenting computer with your Android/Apple tablet or phone.
Browserslides: Share current screenshots of your presentation to all wifi devices in your audience.
Plug-and-Show: Start the WePresent software directly from the USB stick, without any installation of software (ideal for guest speakers).
Conference Control: Set one user as moderator, giving control over who is projecting, and where.
4-to-1-projection: Project and compare 4 users side by side.

For more information and video's about the product:

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