In addition to all functionality the WiPG-1000 has to offer, the WiPG-1500 will give you a lot of new interactive possibilities.

The WiPG-1500 is specially suited for working (driverless) in combination with a touch display or interactive board. Allowing the presentor to have full control over the projecting computer on the touchscreen, wirelessly!

For when you do not have a (suitable) interactive display, we supply the WiPG-1500 with the AirPad wireless USB device. This will enable every user to easily write and draw operating the It will also allow control over any projected computer.

New features on the WiPG-1500:

Processing speed: The WiPG-1500 has more processing power, which will improve switching between users and presentation smoothness..
Wireless Touchscreen: (Win/Mac, driverless!)
Connect a touchscreen or interactive whiteboard and control
the projecting computer on the touchscreen. Wirelessly!
Annotate on-screen: During presentations, you can annotate on-screen, using your touch screen or any connected USB device.
AirPad or AirStick: The WiPG-1500 is supplied with a USB device to control your presentations and to use the annotation feature.
Virtual white or black board: Project a virtual white or black board on your screen. Then annotate on-screen, using your touch screen or any other USB device. No connected computer is needed.
Sender for Galaxy: On the WiPG-1500 it is possible to create a full video mirror of any Samsung Galaxy device. To use the feature, download the free application, Sender for Galaxy at Google Play.
Presenter for iOS/Android: MirrorOp Presenter offers file presentation (ppt, doc, xls, PDF, TXT and JPG files). But now also offers browser projection (for showing web pages), live camera feed
as well as annotation tools inside the app.

For more information about these features:

Features that are similar to the WiPG-1000:
Sidepad: Remotely control the presenting computer, using your Android/Apple tablet or phone.
Browserslides: Share current screenshots of your presentation to all wifi devices in your audience.
Plug-and-Show: Start the WePresent software directly from the USB stick, without any installation of software (ideal for guest speakers).
Conference Control: Set one user as moderator, giving control over who is projecting, and where.
4-to-1-projection: Project and compare 4 users side by side.

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